Pre-bagged Chocolates & Confectionery

At the Ballarat Chocolate Shoppe we carry a huge selection of your everyday favourites, either pre-bagged for those on the go or bagged in what ever weight you desire.

Chocolate Honeycomb

Ice Creams

 Freckles  Milk Bottles

With over 121 varieties to choose from, there is sure to be something that pleases even the fussiest eater.


  Our Range Of Chocolate & Confectionery


   Pre-bagged Confectionery             

 Chocolate Peanuts  TV Mix
 Mini Florals  Jersey Caramels
 Chocolate Anisseed Rings  Gummy Bears
 Fruit & Nut Cluster  Cherry Bites

At the Ballarat Chocolate Shoppe, you always get great service with a smile. Come in and enjoy some delicious chocolates or confectionery at: 16 Doveton Street North, Ballarat, or phone 03 5331 2945 to place your order.


 Chocolate Noodle Box 

chocolate freckle novelty


Corporate Gift

Christmas Gifts

Bouquet chocolates